Art class game called Pictionary

With the use of only line i was able to determine emotion and description which enable me to guess the word that the student was making out. emotion was gather through the shapes and forms in the line which allowed me to guess upon those structured lines for the word.often it was difficult to guess the drawings of lines when the artist didn’t quite know what he or she should or or how to draw and explanation of the word.this game relates to visual communication because it show how even tho a student means for his drawing to be determined this way, thats not exactly if any one , how every one will see it. one weird line or not so relevant line can change a persons perspective completely.

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About me

Name:Robert Copeland
Major: Graphic Design
Hometown: Norfolk va
Career goals: make one amazing image and get paid for it for the rest of my life
What inspires you to create: my passion for GOD, and my over all love for life including my girl friend Lucie.
What you hope to learn from this class: to see the world differently in a way that will allow me to gain knowledge and success.
What you think the most challenging part of this class will be: just stay on top of every thing so that i can achieve an A.

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Hello world!

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